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No Priority on Cookies Used for Website Analytics

Yes that’s right the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) have announced this week that when the year hiatus ends on the 26th of may and they begin to enforce the new cookie laws, websites that use them to collect data for website analytics will not be a priority. There are many people who argue that this is the main reason people use cookies in the first place unless they are using them for unruly purposes and that in this case surely things would have been easier if they had just enforced the law this way. So what does…

Why Local Businesses Should Invest in Having a Mobile Presence

In 2010, 50% of the internet access was performed on a mobile device. 45% of those who have a cell phone would download applications through their phones. Before getting out of bed, 35% of owners of the iPhone and Android gadgets would use Facebook applications. Also, mobile searches account for a large portion of “local search” for finding business and services.

Marketing Versus Education – The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is a common rule of thumb in business and among individuals. 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes.

Why A Community Of People You Know, Like, and Trust Is Crucial To Your Online Success

Are you part of an online community to help you get started online? Read on to find out why this is the most effective way to build your business.

Tips For Attracting Local Clients Through Online Marketing

Whilst many people tend to focus their websites to a wide audience (such as the state, the country or even the world), there are plenty of lucrative opportunities sitting on your doorstep that you have probably overlooked. Before investing in a huge international or national web marketing campaign, why not look at what you can do closer to home first? Optimise your website for local searches.

Go for Digital Marketing – And Take Your Business to the Next Level

The Internet provides a promising opportunity to grow your business even bigger. This is through the help of what we call ‘digital marketing,’ which involves the use of various Internet marketing solutions. When your company decides to invest in online marketing, there are a number of strategies you can try that have been proven effective in the past.

The Value Of LinkedIn Recommendations

There are many social media networks on the internet today and a few of them specifically focus on business to business networking. LinkedIn has quickly become the most prominent and powerful of these social media networks as it allows business people to network and connect with each other. Often these connections lead to business being conducted. Because of this the question that needs to be asked is how powerful are the recommendations?

What About Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is not just about selling your product or service. It’s about helping to meet the needs and wants of your potential customers. It’s about helping your customers to find solutions. The focus should be on your customers.

How Amy’s Bistro Gained Backlinks Through Passing Traffic

Why Every Online Business Needs Backlinks. For some, working out what backlinks are can be frustrating, this article uses analogy to make things clearer to understand.

Do You Use Social Media For Niche Internet Marketing?

Niche internet marketing is all about researching for and locating small yet highly motivated groups of people with the same interest and providing for them the help, information and resources that they need and want. Finding these groups is really quite easy with the opportunities available for such research on the internet.

Precisely How Building A Website Using Video Marketing Can Acquire Free Traffic

When you’ve got a website then you need to have visitors visiting that site with the aid of video marketing. After all, what’s the point of having a website if nobody views it and a website certainly will not make any money if there are no visitors. Getting traffic to your website however can be a challenge.

Content Strategies (I)

It is very important to know your message and be as clear as possible about what you to want to write or what you want to express, but is more critical that you understand your audience. Sometimes this is more critical than be clear about your own message. You can do this when you take in consideration your audience’s interests, their particular points of view and their needs before you start to write the first single word. Always keep in your mind that the most people want to know is if you will go to solve their problems, if you have a solution for them. They want, above all, to feel that you are related to their pain points. You only can do this for your readers if you know or imagine who they are, and put yourself in their shoes.

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